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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Find Out What Makes Us the Best in the Tile and Grout Cleaning

As a homeowner, tile cleaning is definitely hard labor. It is not only messy, but cleaning floor by hands can only feel so uneasy and uncomfortable. Only professional tile cleaning can be able to achieve deep clean results. This is because dirt lies deep within your grout lines. We at Endy’s offer professional tile and grout cleaning services to address the porous materials, dirt, spills, and grime that discolors your tile’s surfaces. Our floor tile cleaners are able to clean your tiles better than the most rigorous hand cleaning could ever do. First, we inspect your floors to assess and plan on the best treatment process to apply and the most appropriate cleaning agents to use. Next, our steam cleaners combine the powers of high-pressure water and vacuum to make sure all the dirt within your tiles and the spores of your grout will be extracted. ​

The Tile Cleaning Process

Here at Endy’s, our tile cleaning services is fast and easy. We guarantee that homeowners will never experience any stress related to the process. The best way to extend the life of your tiles is to hire professional tile cleaning companies so that you may be able to maintain its spark and lustre. We want you to know what to expect when our team arrives in your front door. 

The first step is inspection. Our team notes down areas in your home which have high traffic and are heavily soiled. As the assessment continues, our team can answer all your queries and explain our extraction cleaning process. After the site survey, our highly-trained specialists will remove the discoloration and the dirt on your floors using our high-quality and state of the art truck-mounted cleaning equipment. 

We use a process that efficiently suctions the dirt from your floor in areas that your mop cannot reach. After our high-pressure tile cleaning process, we apply protection with our sealers. We are able to clean an average-sized room in 30-60 minutes. Take into consideration other factors including the size of the tiles, the arrangement of the room, and the amount of dirt in the grout lines. It takes another 2-3 hours for your tiles to be ready if you opt to add sealants. Our sealants dry off thoroughly after 30 minutes, after which you can already step on your floors. The next 24 hours will be very crucial. You have to be careful that no liquid of any type should come in contact with the sealant so that it could cure. 

About Tile Grout Sealants

We always ask our clients if they choose to add a finishing coat after tile cleaning. We recommend doing so as seals protect your grout and maintains its appearance whether it is a clear or color seal. We use sealants that penetrate the grout’s surface. It ensures that the protection of your tiles against permanent stains and unwanted spills.

Clear tile sealants can only work on plain tiles. In some instances, your floors may be stained permanently. Some stains cannot be removes even with the best cleaning methods. We use color grout sealers to return your grouts to one uniform color.  It is a more cost-effective way than to replace your floors entirely if you simply cannot stand having tiles with uneven colors.

Color grout sealers don’t only work for your tiles to look great, but they can also waterproof them for protection. They also serve as barriers from further stains and spills. Simply put, we make your life easier by giving your floors protection. We also lift the burden of scrubbing and mopping tough stains. It makes your floors easy to maintain.

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Tips in Caring for Your Tiles

​Tile floors also get dirty and are subject to daily wear and tear, just like carpets. Cleaning your tile floors regularly is mandatory, but there are a few things that you should also remember to determine the frequency of cleaning your tile floors. You should consider if you have kids or pets and the amount of foot traffic in particular areas of your home. Here are a few tips in caring for your tiles:

  • Move chairs and furniture carefully. Scratches brought about by these content can easily cause cracks where dirt can enter.
  • Buy a neutral cleaner. Wash your tiles regularly and dry them off immediately.
  • Make it a habit to vacuum regularly.
  • Don’t use wax on your floors. Avoid using cleaners and bleach that are ammonia-based as they can cause grout discolorations.
  • Clean spills and stains immediately to prevent tiles from discoloration cause by the chemicals on the liquid.

Professional Tile Cleaning by Endy’s returns your tiles to its original color and shine. But it doesn’t mean that you should take regular cleaning for granted. Follow the tips we mentioned above to ensure that you maximize the life of your tile floors and you also lessen the time in between professional tile cleanings.​

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Endy’s makes your life easier when you call us for professional tile cleaning regularly. Getting our service makes floor maintenance a breeze. We can help you preserve the cleanliness, spark, and the integrity of your floors. If you think replacement is your only resort, you’re wrong. We do our jobs with utmost dedication starting from inspection to cleaning and sealing, up to maintenance. We understand how much cleanliness is to you, but we also know that there are more important things in life than tile maintenance.

A responsible owner doesn’t only hire professional tile cleaning services merely for the beauty of the home. It should also be done to protect your investment and the health and safety of your whole household. Endy’s can revive your tile and grouts. Our certified technicians can develop an organized plan for your tile and grout to help extend the life of your beloved assets, maintain your image, and render your home or business safe and well-protected. You can call us for assessment and consultation. We can give you affordable price quotations, but rest assured that we will provide you the best tile cleaning service that you deserve. We at Endy’s got your backs. We have your floors covered.

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