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3 Flood Damage Problems (That Aren’t Water)

What comes to mind when somebody mentions flood damage? You’re picturing water, right? It makes sense. After all, the definition of a flood is a large amount of water. Still, when it comes to removing flood damage, you’re going to have to think deeper than water removal. Yes, having water where it doesn’t belong is a big problem, and you’re going to want a company that can leave your home absolutely dry. However, keep in mind that you’ll also want a company that can handle all of these other types of flood damage, too.


Property Damage

It’s amazing what water can do. With enough force, water can cause some serious property damage. Once you get that water out of your house, you’ll notice structural damage, stains, softened surfaces, and ruined carpets. Look for companies that can take care of this property damage after the water removal.



Mold spores are basically everywhere. Outdoors, indoors, you name it. Usually, that’s not such a big deal. Mold spores can’t do much on their own. They only turn into a problem when they get introduced to moisture. Unfortunately, floods bring a ton of moisture, setting off a chain reaction that can have your home covered in mold. If you end up with toxic mold, your family could face all kinds of health problems. The most common health problem is breathing trouble. Toxic mold aggravates allergies and asthma. Even if nobody in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, toxic mold can still impact your family’s health. When you start looking for flood damage mitigation, ask your potential companies how they handle mold.


Dirt, Grime, and Debris

Depending on the flooding source, you could have all sorts of gross things in your house. When flood water enters your house, it carries dirt and grime. You may also notice debris like sticks and rocks inside your house. Of course, the visible dirt isn’t the only problem. The biggest problems come from what you can’t see: bacteria and viruses. Flood water has to travel through a lot of places before it reaches your basement. You have no way of knowing what sort of germs it’s picked up along the way.


Flood Damage Help

When you look for flood damage help, look no further than Endy’s Carpet Cleaning. We go way beyond simple water removal. We repair damage, get rid of mold, remove debris, and completely sanitize the affected areas in your home. Don’t wait for the situation to get any worse. Call Endy’s Carpet Cleaning now so that your home can be safe again.

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