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Here’s What You Should Know If You’ve Never Hired a Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning services can provide a wide range of options. If you are new to carpet cleaning, understanding which services are best for your home might seem overwhelming. There are simple vacuuming and upkeep services to heavy-duty steam-cleaning for removing tough stains.  Here are a few tips to consider when hiring a carpet cleaning service for the first time.

Carpet Cleaning Experience Matters

No one wants an amateur working on their home. Choose a carpet cleaning company that can provide evidence of quality work. Before and after photos of jobs like yours can provide assurance. Also, read the reviews online. If there are negative themes that show up frequently, you may want to avoid those cleaners.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Ask the carpet cleaners what type of cleaning they would recommend before committing to any services. Carpet cleaning methods can vary based on need and treatment. For example, soil and grime removal from carpets can be managed through dry or wet methods. Dry removal consists of heavy-duty vacuuming, whereas soil extraction uses hot water to steam clean. Carpet grooming is a completely different service. Grooming helps to fluff carpet and spread cleaning agents throughout a room. Endy’s carpet service provides all these carpet cleaning services and can help you choose the right one.

Certifications and Training

One of the first questions to ask a potential company is about the training their technicians have completed. Quality companies only employ specialists with Carpet Cleaning Technician certification. Often, these professionals have other certifications regarding water damage or fabric cleaning. The more training and licensing technicians have, the more valuable they will be for your service. Lastly, companies should be licensed with the state you live in and carry liability insurance. Knowing the workers in your home are covered by liability insurance will give you peace of mind.

Service Contracts and Prices

Make sure to receive a quote or bid on cleaning services before signing any contracts. While some companies will provide introductory pricing with a discount for new customers, be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. Shop around and gather quotes from multiple companies to make sure you are getting a fair deal, but also receiving quality service.

Getting your carpets cleaned and preserving your home should not be stressful. Endy’s carpet cleaning is here to help remove the dirtiest of grime in your favorite room or simply complete a thorough grooming. Visit our website to receive a quote or give us a call today at 239-309-7597.

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