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How to Tell if You Have a Mold Problem

Did you know that mold prevention is easy if you know how to diagnose the signs and problems? Mold and mildew grow best in moist, humid conditions. Basements and windowless bathrooms are two specific rooms at risk in your home. If you aren’t paying attention, mold can take on a life of its own and damage furniture and foundations. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you figure out if your home has a mold problem.

Black and Green: The Colors of Mold Problems

The primary colors of mold that grow in your home are green and black. Mold growth occurs by spore formation, forming circles or polka-dots of various sizes. Fabrics that accumulate mold often have several small black dots that look like a simple stain. However, mold problems are not that simple. Checking the corners of walls and creases in furniture for mold should occur often.

It’s All in the Paint

Paint chipping or discoloration is another common sign your house has a mold problem. The spores will eat away at the paint surface, resulting in uneven coloration and rough edges. Mold will attack paint on any surface, so check your walls and furniture. Additionally, mold growth can chip away paint on your ceilings. Ceilings are especially at risk because condensation causes water to naturally accumulate. Furthermore, if there is a leak from the main level, water will condense and rip through the basement ceiling, providing all the ingredients for a mold problem.

Troubles with Foundation

Bulging and warped walls are clear signs that water has infiltrated the wood and plaster. As the material absorbs water, mold will start to grow if no air circulation is present. The green or black spores multiply and grow larger in size. This combination of factors weakens the structure of your house, especially the basement. If no action is taken, the main level of your house can develop cracks in floors or walls.  Consider placing a dehumidifier in low air circulation rooms to protect the longevity of your home.

Endy’s Carpet Cleaning knows the ins and outs of mold diagnosis.  Mold growth can happen at any time of the year, so keeping an eye out for stains is important. Our experienced technicians can help you clean up even the toughest mold problem in your home. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or give us a call today at 239-309-7597.


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