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Is Your Carpet Cleaner Safe for Kids and Pets?

Is your carpet cleaner safe for kids and pets? You want to keep your carpet clean for your family, but what if your carpet cleaners are causing more harm than good? Think about the amount of time that kids and pets spend on the carpet. Pets will lay across the carpet to take a nap. Kids will play with toy cars and dolls while sitting on the carpet. The height of most adults keeps them far enough away from the carpet, but since kids and pets are smaller, they spend much more time breathing the air around the carpet. Here’s why that can be a problem.


Eyes and Skin

Some of the ingredients in carpet cleaning products can irritate the eyes and skin. These ingredients can include ammonia, formaldehyde, and more. These ingredients are easy and cheap ways to disinfect carpets. However, they are absolutely not safe for kids and pets. While irritation is certainly one of the milder problems, it can make children and animals miserable, especially if the source of the irritation doesn’t go away.


Toxic Fumes

When you look for carpet cleaner, “safe for kids and pets” means that it doesn’t cause any toxic fumes. Some commercial cleaners do release fumes into the air that cause long-term damage. Sometimes it’s as mild as sinus and asthma problems. However, sometimes these fumes can cause more severe issues like organ damage or even cancer. Again, for adults who can maintain a certain distance away from carpets, the fumes aren’t always a major issue. However, for babies and pets that spend a lot of time playing on carpets, these fumes can surround them and cause some serious harm.


No Room for the Unknown

Some carpet cleaning ingredients aren’t labeled as unsafe because the US government doesn’t know enough about them yet. These ingredients may be perfectly safe, but they may not be as safe as their lack of warning label would have you believe. To make a carpet cleaner safe for kids and pets, manufacturers must keep unknown and untested substances out of their products.


Endy’s Carpet Cleaner: Safe for Kids and Pets

Is your carpet cleaner safe for kids and pets? If you use Endy’s Carpet Cleaning service, then the answer is always yes. At Endy’s, we care about children and families. We provide a deep, thorough clean that won’t harm your family’s health. Need a clean carpet without all the worry? Contact Endy’s Carpet Cleaning today.

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