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New to Florida? Here’s What You Need to Know about Hurricane Season

What brought you to Florida? Was it your job, your family, or just the appeal of some warm weather? Unless you’re a storm chaser or meteorologist, it probably wasn’t because you enjoy the idea of hurricane season. In Florida, hurricane season is the trade-off that you get for all of the warm weather and sunshine. If you’re new to Florida, here’s how you can deal with Florida’s hurricane season like a native.


Know When to Start Preparing

Florida hurricane season officially starts in May and ends in November. However, hurricane season really hits its peak between August and October. During those months, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast and have your supplies nearby.


Prevention is Key

When a major hurricane starts brewing, remember that prevention matters. You obviously can’t prevent the hurricane itself, but you can prevent damage to your home. First, keep your valuables elevated. For example, if you have any antique furniture, you should keep that furniture on the upper levels of your home, not the basement. If flood water enters your home, it’ll reach the basement first.


When a storm is coming, protect your home by lining the outside with flood barriers. A lot of Florida residents use sandbags for this purpose. You can also install reinforcements in your home. For example, strong shutters and hurricane glass can make a big difference.


You can also prevent indoor flooding by waterproofing your lower floors. If you have a basement, make sure that your basement has been waterproofed adequately. While you’re at it, you should also check on your foundation. Do you notice any cracks? If so, you need to have your foundation repaired.


Have a Water Damage Plan

When it comes to Florida hurricane season, prevention can save you from a lot of stress. However, just in case you do end up with storm damage, make sure that you have a water damage plan. Find a cleaning and remediation company that you like and keep that company’s contact information. That way, if your home gets any water damage or mold during a hurricane, you’ll have a plan and know exactly who to call.


Florida Hurricane Season

If you need a water damage plan for Florida hurricane season, or if you need carpet cleaning right now, then Endy’s Carpet Cleaning is here to take care of your home. With our many years of cleaning and remediation experience, plus our customer satisfaction guarantee, we know exactly what Florida homes need. Contact Endy’s Carpet Cleaning today to learn more.

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