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Top 4 Ways to Avoid Sewage Backup

Nobody wants to deal with sewage backup. Maybe you’ve never dealt with sewage backup, but you know that it can become a problem fast. Maybe you’ve already dealt with sewage backup and want to avoid it from now on. We don’t blame you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ways that you can avoid sewage backup. These four easy changes will help you keep sewage out of your home.


Watch What You Flush

First of all, be careful what you flush down the toilet. This seems obvious. You just shouldn’t flush anything weird, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. You’ll have to take it a step further. See, toilet paper is designed to start breaking down as soon as it gets flushed. Things like tissues, paper towels, and baby wipes are not. They seem similar enough to toilet paper, but their structures are different. That’s why they can sometimes cause clogs and backups. Keep any paper products other than toilet paper out of the toilet.


Don’t Be Fooled by Liquid Grease

What do you do with melted grease once you’re done with it? If you’re like a lot of other Americans, you pour it down the sink. What else are you supposed to do with it, right? Think about this, though: What would happen to that grease if you just left it in a container? It would eventually solidify. It’s going to do the same thing if you pour it down the drain. Eventually, it’s going to cool down, turn into a solid, and then block substances from traveling through the drain properly. As a result, your home could end up with sewage backup.


Shower Drains Matter, Too

Next, remember your shower drains. We don’t usually think about shower drains when it comes to preventing sewage backup. After all, what goes down that drain other than water and soap? Hair does. If you have long hair, try to keep it from going down the drain. Hair causes clogs, and clogs can cause backups.


Check the Tree Roots

When you want to avoid backup, take a look at your tree roots. Make sure that they’re not growing too close to any sewer lines. Tree roots can grow into sewer lines and block sewage passage, sending that sewage backward into your home.


Got Sewage Backup?

What if you already have sewage backup in your house? Just call Endy’s Carpet Cleaning. We take care of sewage backup and all kinds of other water damage. Contact us today. Let’s get your home back to normal. 



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