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Top Four Places to Check for Mold in Your House

Mold is unpleasant in your home, but the good news is that you can check for mold easily. A quick scan of rooms susceptible to humidity and moisture can help you detect where prevention needs to occur. Not sure what rooms in your house are most likely to grow mold? Read on to learn about four common places mold loves to hide.

Always Check the Basement for Mold

Mold thrives in cool, damp environments. Because cooler air sinks, your basement typically has a lower temperature than the main level. Basements with few windows allow little sunlight and fresh air to circulate. This combination of factors provides a prime area for mold to grow. Check your walls, carpets, and furniture in the basement frequently for mold. Your nose can also help detect growth, as a musty or earthy smell will accompany mold and mildew.

Check for Mold in the Laundry Room

Homes often place laundry rooms in small, poorly ventilated rooms away from eyesight. Your washing machine can easily harbor mold if you are not careful. If the washer door is closed when the washer is not in use, then no air is circulated into the tub. Even though the rinse and spin cycle clear out most detergent and water, a small amount of water remains on the surface of the tub. Failure to leave the washing machine lid open can cause mold growth and a musty odor the next time laundry is done.

Peek Inside the Bathroom

The bathroom contains many sources of water, such as the toilet, faucet, and shower. After taking a hot shower, you may notice water drops condense on the mirror or window sill. It is important to have a fan running before and after showering to help dry these parts.  Frequent condensation will lead to mold growth in no time. If you do not have a fan, be sure to open a window or run a dehumidifier close by.

Windows and Winter

Check in on your windows for mold growth frequently. Your windows are at increased risk for mold if you live in a humid environment and if you have a winter that freezes and thaws between temperatures frequently. As ice thaws on the windows, water will collect. Be sure to wipe up the water daily to avoid mold.

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